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We Wholesale Only

We offer the finest and healthiest plants. We guarantee plants true to name.We sell wholesale to nurseries, garden centers, growers, growers group, and landscape contractors. The wholesale prices are only available for a qualified company. Please contact us for our wholesale price list.

Order time: We take orders all year round. We would suggest you to place your order early, because some varieties we only have limited supply, they may be sold out early. We reserve plants for earlier orders firstly. Moreover, if you order before the 1st of July, 5% of plants cost can be saved.

Minimum Order: We wholesale only , minimum order is 500 plants, at least 100 plants per variety.

Delivery time: We ship bare root paeonia from the 1st of September until the end of December. On request we can hold them longer in our cold storage and ship them in winter.

Shipping method: Usually we ship small orders by air. For big orders, we ship by sea, plants are placed in reefer sea container.

Payment: For new customers, we only ship after we got all payment. For long time customers, payment term can be negotiated. We accept cash, check, money order, L/C, or international wire transfers by bank.

Guarantee: We guarantee all plants are true to name. We guarantee all plants have healthy quality.

Tree peony with 1 stem

Tree peony with 2 stems

Tree peony with 3 stems

Tree peony with 4 stems

3/4 years tree peony with at least 6-9 stems

6/7 years Paeonia rockii hybrids from seed with 3 stems can bloom in the 1st spring

6/7 years Paeonia rockii hybrids from seed with at least 6 stems can bloom in the 1st spring


6/7 years Paeonia rockii hybrids from seed with at least 6 stems can bloom in the 1st spring

Packaged tree peony with color label

Packaged tree peony with simple label

Packaged tree peony in carton

Packaged tree peony can keep fresh for two monthes

Herbaceous peonies with 2/3 buds

Herbaceous peonies with 3/5 buds

Herbaceous peonies with 5/7 buds

Herbaceous peonies with 10+ buds

small packing: herbaceous peonies was packaged with moss individually

bulk packing: herbaceous peonies packed in carton with moss

Herbaceous peonies packaged in carton

Reefer container to ship bare root tree peony & herbaceous peony

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